Friday, July 24, 2009

Do women really need big dicks to climax

The #1 question ask by men is does size matter, We see hundreds of advertisers targeting young and middle age men with enhancement products and schemes that may or may not work. So how big is the average big dick, and how big does ones size need to be for a women to achieve an all mighty Orgasim. To the ladies tell us you preffered average size that you enjoy in the bedroom and maybe we can clear this debate up (Is it 4-6-8inches or more). Fellas what do you think and also if you have purchased products like enzyte, or other penius enhancement product which one work for you? 

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hoopz New Sextape released!

Here's Hoopz from flavor of love sextape there a couple different version out floating around the net. has most of them, although she supposed to be dropping thw whole exclusive dvd next month on the 24th. If you have versions that i didn't post, please feel free to post them.
also Coco sextape is on the link above, very hot and you can see everything. Now that one super fine brick house!